Over the years I have developed a series of workshops for prospective entrepreneurs and small/medium size business owners. Each of these workshops include the typical handout for those in attendance. I am going to convert selected information from these handouts into a blog series, and eventually more webinars. Here’s how you can use the information.

  • If you’re a prospective or existing business owner, you will find many of the topics helpful as you develop and grow your enterprise.
  • On the other hand, if you are a person or organization who teaches workshops, or you are involved in other delivery methods, you may find some materials that would be useful to you in your classes.

Either way, you’re free to use whatever is helpful to you.

Now What? (Recovery Plan – Part 2)

Now what? I’m going to start providing some tools to help SMB (small and medium size businesses) plan for the next stage of this economic crisis. Some of us won’t make it to the other side. Sad, but true. I’ve been there, losing a business I loved because there was just no way to make…

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Recovery Plan Outline

Your compelling argument needs to rule here, not eloquence. You will be asking your landlord, lender and/or vendors for some leeway on payment obligations to which you have previously agreed. It’s important to communicate that point, unless of course, your ask is going to be for the obligation forgiven not delayed. In either case, you…

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Business Planning

There are businesses that get created, grow and flourish without a plan, but they are few and far between. Most SMB’s (small and medium size businesses) are stuck somewhere, for a myriad of reasons; i.e., lack of capital, wrong people in the wrong seats, poor leadership, operational inefficiencies, a marketing program that is not working,…

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Economic Feasibility Studies

1. Describe your product and/or service. a. Think of your target market first. Who are they? Size – now, and over next 10 years (needs to be validated by data and trends). What distinguishes them? a. For people – demographics and psychographics. b. For businesses and government agencies, not just their line of business/service, but…

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